Location:Wolverhampton,West midlands
Ebay ID:53hra

Hello guys.
I have been into RC cars for just under 13 years. It started off with a love for cars, and purchasing a Kyosho Alpha E as my first RC. Soon after I moved onto Tamiya and loved it!

Members I have successfully deal with on TC are:
Dready, Mersery_mike, L-u-k-e, Wrc action, Steviedee, Gruntfuggly,
Thebuggyman, Caddy shack, M.l.field, Tonyclod, Tamiyawizard,
Supergripper, TheLordOfHoard, Dazza1, TWINSET, 28yokid, Larbut,
Gr2fltp, Taffer, CarsBoatsnTrains , Rcluke, Frog_frogette1, Mad maz, Gad32,
Bfst24, TIMECMDR , Jeffy, BellysGonnaGetchya , WILD WILLY, Mikef350,
HereBeMonsters, Wrightpumpkin, Dazza, keven64, Bungle, Ricky850r, Pavster,
Andersop , Ryanbored , ChrisRX718, March75, Boogyloop , Kokuzu, Twisty,
BiggusDitchus , Tamiyabigstuff, Saracen , Ranger blue , Chain Driven ,
Hillman666,Cooter, Twisty, Tamman77, Loaded, Jonny Retro, Djderk, Thelegos,
VectraV6 ,Dannos85,Skip665, Sludgeguts, Qatmix, Mr_pushrod, Scalaman,
Brusierbuilder , 8316dart, Blob1, Kaillum, Sunktothenutz, KingPin, r.Rallying,
Onkos1, Tamiyaforlife, Stickerbod, Gecko-no-more, RallyeBaz, offroadboy,
Rad22rad Alloys, Origineelreclamebord, Scoobysport, Chocy ,
Mud-Plugger, Millwall99, Mrsearcher1965, Spzero, Hitch, PAPA MR 33, ScorcherKid + more! :-)