Hi, Ive had RC cars since i was about 6 years old. My first tamiya car came along from a friend which was a Hornet when i was 12. I used to race at a local club and had many rc cars pass through my hands. But, as all good things come to an end I sold everything when i got with my wife. But then 2 years ago she turned up with a willy 2 and it all came flooding back how much i missed it. Since then i have gone to the other extreme of trying to buy anything with a Tamiya logo on the box!!!. Good old EBAY!!!. The other half (Jane) is very understanding and knows all the little frases such as:- NIB & MIB and bids like hell on ebay for those bits she knows i will appreciate. She's a good lass, But very hard to find, NEED MORE TAMIYA?

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