Hi, Im KingPin (a.k.a Craig!) i was previously a subscriber to TC under the user 'ModelManiac', new pics of new cars and newer pics of my old ones coming soon!

Well around 16 years ago, (crikey!) my first tamiya car was a very used Astute, with lots of homemade parts if i remember correctly!
It did the job then, but i could never afford anything better.

I used to look around Golden Gains in Derby in the late 80's/early 90's when they specialised in rc/hornby/scalectrix and the RC cars on the shelf were the Bearhawk amongst others.

Nowadays i have plenty of cars and plenty more coming soon, cash allowing of course. I even have a Blackfoot that was used once from new, then kept in my father in laws shed, for 15 years!!!

Thanks for looking, and showroom pics will be added soon.

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