Location:dorchester dorset UK
Ebay ID:gr2fltp

Following a break from Tamiya and dabbling with large scale petrol and slash's thanks to Kev (the rev) selling me a Toyota GrB I have started collecting Tamiya stuff again.
Only got back into RC after losing my driving license on medical grounds. While driving I owned and rode/drove GSXR750, RD500LC, RD350YPVS's, several Ford RS Turbos, -Escorts and Fiesta, R5 Turbo's all at speed and enjoyed every minute; I fondly remember sitting waiting for cars to race against my bikes on my way home from work. Fastest car driven modified 4WD Ford Sapphire Cosworth with a 350BHP chip/mods @150MPH, Bike RD500LC @145MPH. .
Fed up with rubbish 'bonus' features given in re-re kits that are no more than cheap bearings and rubbish wheels, WHY OH WHY do people buy overpriced rere Bruisers when they could buy two usable originals instead???

BAD BUYING EXPERIENCE WITH Ascona1 sale was agreed, item paid for, then sold item to someone else. ROCKY 4WD items paid for, no payment confirmation or receipt of goods, paypal dispute raised. AVOID Ebayer wile2002