Location:Haarlem, Holland
Ebay ID:$joerd

Hi, I'm Sjoerd, from the Netherlands (the big country next to Germany). Although I'm now only 20 years of age, I have a great interrest in vintage Tamiya's. I also like listening to (rock-) music from the 70's, 80's and '90's, and I like oldtimers (old Porsche 911, Austin Healy Sprite, Jaguar XKE etc.). I know, a little unlikely for my age, but who cares. I study Mechanical Engineering, but since this is not a job aplication, my hobby is much more interresting.

I got into RC modelling when I was about 10 or 11 years old, and my first car is a Fighter Buggy, which I still own. Later on, I got my all-time favorite car, the King Blackfoot. As soon as I got my Holiday Buggy, I started browsing the internet and came along my friend Theo's website, who is a big fan of the Holiday Buggy. And from that point, my collection grew and grew, and my wallet got considerably... lighter.

I hope you enjoy admiring my cars as much as I do building, painting, running, and photographing them!

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