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Started with RC in 1981 approx. First car was a Holiday Buggy. As a kid you had to sell the one car you had in order to afford to buy a new one. Was very happy to find a new built Holiday Buggy on ebay -and that web trade portal was a real eye opener! Got even more excited when I in 2007 found a NIB Kyosho Progress 4WDS!!! I thought I'd never even find a picture of it... after that it kinda took off :-) And now I've got a nice collection of vintage cars and competition cars. Managed to get a vintage class up & running in 2008 in cooperation with our Nats Rounds for 1:10 OR... big fun! :-)

My second car was a Wild Willy, it was very fun for a while... short while, as it was only good for doing wheelies on asphalt :-) I then after lots of back and fourth went for the Kyosho Progress 4WDS in 1984, which turned out to be quite a nightmare... Then in 1986 I finally got my first proper RC car, the Tamiya Super Shot! I virtually wore out that car, and had tons of fun with it! And luckilly I kept that car from my childhood!

I've done a lot of serious racing and hold two national titles (Norway) - one in 1:12 TR and one in 1:8 TR. Best international results are 2nd place and two times 4th place in the Nordic Championship 1:8 TR and a 4th place from Luxemburg Grand Prix 2003.

My biggest RC-related 'life work' must be 'The History Of Model Cars' which I've been writing on since 2000. It's in norwegian but you can still enjoy the pics & videos! Check out

P.S. This guy Tanatwo from Japan has been a great inspiration:

And finally 'the itch' is gone! I've even managed to sell some of my collection, and there's no longer more cars that I must have! I will still sell some, and only keep those that trigger my childhood memories. And enjoy restoring and running some of them! :-)

For a couple of years now my 'vintage focus' has only been related to vintage racing, more specifically The Nordic Vintage Challenge:

I have in total approx 90 cars. I've sold a lot but more keep pouring in! :-)

Here's a list of my current collection: (*=pics in gallery)

Serious & Modern Competition Runners:
*1:10 OR Xray XB2 2020 (2WD)
*2x 1:10 OR Xray XB4 2016 (plus one car in spares)
1:8 TR Mugen MRX-6 (plus 1 car in spares)
*1:8 TR Mugen MRX-5 rain car

Daughter cars:
*1:10 OR Team Associated T4
1:10 OR Team Associated T4.1
1:10 OR Team Associated T4.2

Vintage Current Runners:
*Tamiya Re-re Holiday Buggy Buford T. Justice (Plastic Fantastic class at NVC)
*Schumacher CAT XLS (4WD Classic class at NVC)
*Schumacher CAT2000EC - from ebay/France (4WD class at NVC)
*Schumacher Cougar 2000 / Fabiix FAB 2000 (2WD Classic class at NVC)
*Team Associated Advanced Racing Products RC10 MID motor converted

Vintage Previous Runners (might very well be used again later):
*Kyosho Optima rerelease from StellaModels
*Tenth Technology Predator XRS RBR F1
*Associated Re-re Worlds Brawn GP F1
*Kyosho Ultima'87 Williams Martini F1
*Tamiya Re-re B.A.R. Honda Hotshot Evo V
*Team Loxi XX Renault F1 (+2 spares)
*2WD Classic: Tamiya Re-re Frog B.A.R. Honda F1
*2WD Classic: Tamiya Re-re Grasshopper
*2WD Classic: Team Associated Re-re RC10 Classic
*2WD: Team Associated Re-re RC10 Worlds with Tekin MID-chassis!
*2WD: Tamiya Re-re Dyna Storm Vodafone McLaren F1
*4WD: Tamiya Re-re Top Force Evo II AMG Mercedes Petronas F1
*Big Wheeler: Tamiya Re-re Blitzer Beetle

Potential Vintage Future NVC Runners:
2WD: RPM Worlds (RC10) incl white RPM chassis
2WD: RC10 with Fusion carbon tub (USD 300 from Rob Stone 2016). Lots of Andy's parts too on it
2WD: Tamiya Super Astute, ebay France 13.12.14 for USD 116 + 29 shipping
4WD Classic: Kyosho Gallop MK II, with ball diff!
2WD Classic: Tamiya Hotshot Re-re, will be 'The Longshot', Classic 2WD Racer

Vintage Collection 1:12 & 1:10 OR:
*1:10 OR Team Associated B44 with Durango gear diffs
*Tamiya Avante 2001 - new built from cty300 on ebay/HK, with Avante'88 stickers
*Mugen Bulldog MK I (270 GBP from Paul Grove 2016)
*1:10 OR Team Associated B4 FTW Night Fox XL (wet conditions)
*Atomic-Carbon S2
*Team Losi XX4 Worlds Edition
*Atomic-Carbon Atomized B44
*Tamiya Wild One - seriously hopped up - see pics in gallery
*Tamiya Super Champ - bought on ebay from the US, was nicely refurbished
*Tamiya Supershot highly modified from when I was a kid - needs new shell. Have a Opel Manta A shell for it, which was my 1st 1:1 car
*Tamiya BigWig - new built from ebay/Japan, just needed to paint driver
*Tamiya Holiday Buggy - new built, bought from ebay/US
*Tamiya Super Hornet - NIB from ebay/US, new built
*Kyosho Progress 4WDS - bough NIB from ebay/Japan, built & painted, with DirtBurners rear wing
*Kyosho Beetle - from old Cox chassis from ebay/US, repro body from Marwan, painted myself, alu wheels from Pargu
*BK Racing Aero A-1 - new built, bought from factory in Belgium
*X-Factory X-5
*X-Factory X-6
*Schumacher CAT XLS new built in AMAZING condiditon
*Tamiya XR311 NIB original
*1:8 TR Mugen MRX-4R
*Serpent Excel MKII
*Tamiya Buggy Champ (Rough Rider) 2009 Re-re NIB + extra shell. Have Pargu's ubercool oil tanks for it.
Tamiya Avante 2011 re-re, bought from Kungsor Hobby / Tomas Karlsson 2019
Tamiya Porsche 959 Rally - from ebay/Vintagecorp/Japan - need light touch-up, have new stickers and TBG repro shell, needs new tires
Tamiya Supershot - needs refurbishing, need to paint new body/wing
Tamiya Boomerang Re-re 2008 NIB - must build
Tamiya Wild Willy 1 - needs refurbishing, got new body and tires for it
Tamiya FAV - bought on FINN/Norway, some parts missing, needs full restoration
Tamiya XR311 NIB Re-re - will build
Tamiya Sand Scorcher 2010 Re-re NIB + extra shell. Bought a super cool engine for it.
Tamiya 2014 VW Type 2
Team Associated RC10 w/ gold chassis - needs refurbishing, have new repro shell from Tower Hobbies, Pargu alu wheels
Schumacher Top Cat - ebay/AU/ozracer89 28.3.11 - mint condition!
Kyosho Scorpion - needs refurbishing, old Cox chassis from ebay/US, paint repro body from Marwan
Kyosho Tomahawk - needs refurbishing, old Cox chassis from ebay/US, paint repro body
Durango 4WD Prototype - Billy Easton's Worlds 2007 Car (7th place)!!! Bought june 2011 from Vesa Yli/Finland
Team Durango / Atomic-Carbon DEX410 Ultra Red, with Bugle Boy custom shell, bought july'2011
Tomy Adonis Intruder NIB, 2016 from Daniel Rowlands for GBP 370 incl shipping
Tamiya Re-re Frog NIB - to keep 100% original (or use as spares)
RCL International Incident
Kyosho Baja (air filled wheels)

Vintage Collection 1:8 TR:
SMP Slide Chrome Version
Serpent Veteq NIB - will build
SG Colombia MK II with Porsche 962 - bought from ebay/US aug'2011, mint!
Carlsson IC 79-80s model with Saab 99 bodyshell, bought from Arnes RC Museum 14.12.14 for SEK 2000.
Mardave 1:8 pan car
Graupner Expert Car

Vintage Collection 1:12 & 1:10 TR:
Old Team Associated RC12 - must find out which model, must refurbish, have new shell for it
Tamiya Can Am Lola Racing Master - in good shape, have new body & wheels/tires for it
Corally SP12G3 1:12 TR, bought from Erik Aadland 22.2.11, this is the same car that gave me my only National Title back in 2001. This is Knut Eriksen's old car. Have a long Corally Nissan bodyshell for it.

*Team Losi Micro-T 1/36 scale

Cars I've had here on TC that are now sold: (31)
*1:10 OR Xray XB2 2016 (2WD) [SOLD]
*1:8 TR Mugen MRX-5 WC [SOLD]
*1:10 OR Xray XB4 2WD 2014 (indoors carpet)
*1:10 OR Xray XB4 2014 (rain/winter car) [Upgraded to 2016 spec with shorty LiPo]
*Team Associated RC12R5.2 Factory Team [SOLD]
*Team Losi XXT [SOLD]
*Traxxas TRX-1 / Blue Eagle [SOLD]
*Schumacher Bosscat Sport'93 [SOLD]
*Kyosho Sideways Ultima [SOLD]
*Tamiya Wild Willy 2 Metallic Special [SOLD]
*1:10 A Manta rally version from RetroRacing - comes pre-built, need to paint shell [SOLD]
*1:8 TR Xray RX8 2013 [SOLD]
*1:10 OR Atomic-Carbon Tardis 22 [SOLD]
*1:8 OR PB Xi2, complete [SOLD]
*Tamiya Willy's Wheeler [SOLD]
*Nichimo Spirit FF (front wheel drive!) [SOLD]
*1:10 OR Team Associated B4 [SOLD]
*1:8 TR Shepherd Velox V8 (2 cars, 1 for spares) [SOLD]
*Kyosho Mr. Wheelie [SOLD]
*Kyosho Mr. Wheelie NIB [SOLD]
*1:10 OR Schumacher CAT XL [SOLD]
*1:8 OR Tomo Lupus New Built [SOLD]
*TeamXtreme Predator X-11 [SOLD]
*AYK Buffalo NIB [SOLD]
*Yokomo Dogfighter YZ-834B [SOLD]
*Tamiya Winger/Boomerang [SOLD]
*Tamiya Porsche 956 [SOLD]
*Tamiya Sand Rover [GIFTED]
*1:12 TR CRC Generation X (2 cars, 1 for spares) [SOLD]
*Xray XB9 2013 / RB (plus 1 spare car) [SOLD]

Sold but not pictured here:
4WD Classic: Tamiya Egress Re-re, from Tomas (SEK 1500), lots of options on it [SOLD]