Been back in hobby nearly four years now and brings back so many good memories whenever I get a new model or look at the collection.

First cars when I was 12 was a pumpkin so very fond of this model , then a couple of years after came a madcap then a thunder dragon, I must admit madcap is one of my all time favourites, the one I had was upgraded with a technigold which took me ages to save for out of my paper round earnings a hop up egress style rear wing and bearings all round ,I remember it went really well but handled not very well at all and could have benefited from some cva campers or hi caps but would have taken me a good while to save for them.

Must admit the first hundred are my favs but I do like some of the new models too , can't wait for my son to try some rc action when he's old enough :)

My other passion is Star Wars and have tons of original toys and afa figures also love making props.

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