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Born 1975 and bought my first RC-car in 1986...and YES of course it was a Grasshopper !

My intrest for tamiya progressed as did my intrest in competing, resulting in severel Tamiya-Cup victories in Denmark, a place finish in the Tamiya Euro-Cup Final in Holland in 1994 being my best Tamiya-Cup result.

I won the 2002 edition (Stock Class) of the DHI-Cup with a Tamiya TA04 Pro with a special Tamiya carbon saddlepack-chassis. My last big victory was in 2005 when I won the Danish Stock Nationals with my Tamiya Evo IV.

At the moment im not racing, but my intrest for Tamiya is still intact, and to see all those old Tamiya models that I used to dream about when my 'racing-career' started is amazing !

This page is awesome for any Tamiya-enthusiast like myself.... THANKS :-)

Current cars:

Tamiya Tyrrel six-wheeler
Tamiya Fiat Abarth
Tamiya Grasshopper x 2
Tamiya TA03 David Jun
Tamiya TA03R TRF
Tamiya TA04 Pro
Tamiya EVO IV
Tamiya F103 15th Anniversary Limited Edition
Tamiya Suzuki Swift x 3
Tamiya Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934
Tamiya Sand Rover re-re x 3

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