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At the age of 6 i received my first radiocontrolled car after that there came some more like the shinsey black buggy, when a friend of mine showed his boomerang.
I had to have a tamiya also and finally for my 12th birthday i got a tamiya super G grashopper 2, it wasn't the fastest rc car, so 3 years later followed the mazda 787B, this was and still is an incredible fast racer.
After that there was no stopping and when i was looking in the catalogs i had to have more of those beautiful rc cars.
Now on the age of 43 i still like to drive, collect, and restore tamiya cars and try to keep them running.
After some years on and off tamiyaclub I'm back in 2023, I've stopped collecting because of too much unfinished projects. And after the covid period, in the summer of 2021 started racing with my friend at the local club with some re-release topforces.
We quickly realised that everything has changed and evolved so much, that we started racing modern buggy's and liked it so much that we even participate at the local and national championship.

My Tamiyaclub friends...