Location:East Sussex, England

Hi all, my aim is to get a Grasshopper museum going on TC showing as much about these cars as I can, over time I hope to be able to show every type of NIB GH that has been available, an example of each new built box art and as many custom and hopped up versions as I can manage, not to forget my runners. It’s a shame I can’t buy everything I see but I’ll get there in the end :) I’ve mainly been collecting parts since I joined TC but I’m at the stage now where the first batch of projects is almost ready :) At least on TC i'm not the only one with a need for a group by the name of Tamiya Anonymous! Yeah, I’ve seen you all, lol!!

I hope you enjoy the showroom, I know many people started of with a Grasshopper like me so will be great to get some of those memories back with you. If anyone has any information, parts or anything you think could add to the showroom get in touch and give us a shout :)

Lastly I would like to publicly thank all TC members who have helped me get my collection to the stage it is now (both though TC and the Bay), be it though help, trading parts, advice or a combination of all three! I’ve meet some great people on this site and I would like to say a big thanks (in alphabetical order!) to the following members:-

AirXtreme, Alonzo_furioso, BeetleLover, Crash Cramer, Crunchydog, Cul-Tech, DImblum, Emspjay, europro975, jims hobby shop, Loaded, mrlexan, Old_Fella, rad22rad Alloys, Scollins, stickerbod, Super_gripper, TamiyaWizard, tom53, tamiya runner, Frank Lux.

There are lots more people to thank for great trades as well, im not the most organised of people and it's hard trying to keep track of them all! So thank-you too :)