Ebay ID:Rallyebaz

Bought and built a brand new King Cab in my teens, which I remember fondly building in my bedroom, although quickly destroyed by my younger brothers in the back garden. When I started earning a decent wage I made the mistake of going to Hamleys and fell in love with the 97 Subaru WRC TA03R sitting in the glass cabinet ready to run back in 2001. This made my 2 younger brothers purchase TL-01's, which ended in tears when I had a head on collision at full speed. The TL-01 was a mess. Got back in the scene Nov 2007 after putting an advert on the work website wanting RC models. Out of the blue a guy who worked for the same company, wanted to sell his models and introduced me to another guy who built/painted models for the Tamiya rep in the area. Ended up buying over 15 models from the both of them. Should of kept the NIB Street Devil and New Built TRF 414 if I had known.

Now got into racing and joined a local RC club, running a Xray 08 and Tamiya Mini M03.

Met/Traded with some great TC members already. Ukzz4iroc, Rizzo Rat$, Dunkman, MikeF350, Blaketron, Twinset, Ryanbored, Monty, Timiya, L-U-K-E,
bfst24, Caddyshack to say a few.

If you can't get me by email, give us a call on 07783 974 809