Location:Hoedspruit South Africa
Ebay ID:landyman_2007

This is the 3rd year as a subscribed member on TC. Been collecting now from 2002. My collection is growing slower these days as storage space is turning into a huge problem. I eventually also ended up witha couple of NIB's which I thought would never happen.

Thank you for all the people who are associated with me on my showroom landing page. Would like to thank all by name but you guys are quite a few so this is a thank you to you all. I really enjoy the email chats we have and hope to continue our associations in 2010.

To everyone who are members of 'The Chevy Crew', big shout out to you guys for making the SIG a success and to everyone else with a Chevy vehicle, please join and display them there. Always cool to browse the SIG and see the excellent vehicles on display.

To everyone else who's SIG's I belong to, thanks and keep up the good work.

To the members who give advice and a daily dose of inspiration and a lot of chuckles in the forums, Olly, Knotty, Berman, Steelrat to name but a few, hope to chat to you all there soon. To Yuval a fellow South African who I hope to meet soon, hope to see your cars added to a showroom and chat to you on the forums.

Keep the good times rolling and enjoy 2010 my friends.