Location:Norfolk, UK

A little info about me..
First off I joined Tamiyaclub in 2005 not 2007, my account got messed up so I had to have a new one. Anyway, I got my first rc car (old electric beach buggy probably Graupner) in 1978 aged 13, this lead me to getting a 1/8 Mardave circuit car which I ran during free practice at Lilford Park and later a PB9 International which I actually entered some proper races with, I also had a 1/8 Mardave Stockcar, all three shared the same Veco .21 engine! At some point in the 80s I got a Tamiya Lunchbox (I still have it) and in the 90s I raced a Schumacher Cat then Kyosho Lazer ZX and a Mardave Ministox (still have that too). Around 2004/5 I got into collecting vintage Tamiya and through frequenting TC I started up the Eastern Bash soon after. This ran regularly for a few years but fizzled out when we lost the venue and were unable to find an alternative. Due to a renewed interest in rc cars I am hoping to revive EB at some point in the near future and I would be very pleased to hear from any former members via the Eastern Bash thread on the forum.
Thanks for reading! Buzz.