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When I was a kid I used to play in the dirt with Matchbox cars, carving out little race tracks. In my mid teens I got into BMX and eventually I was building and riding dirt jumps and rythm sections. Mountain bikes became a part of my life too, yet again dirt being the favoured terrain. Eventually though, aged 35 I realised your body doesn't bounce back as well from all the knocks and crashes as it does in your twenties, so retiring my dirt bikes left me with a void in my life. I remember back to one occassion when I was about 15, while at a BMX track, a couple of lads turned up with their Grasshoppers, I've never forgotten it. Those Grashoppers looked fantastic then and they still do now.

The greatest thing for me though in regards being an RC Tamiya enthusiast is that I now have an excuse to go and play in the dirt, my favourite terrain! Dirt-540

I've had top-notch transactions/dealings with the following TC members, all are a credit to Tamiyaclub and make it the happy hobby it is. I salute you; RD Trucking Inc, CASE 1, 7.2 Inch Driver, Crash Cramer, tamiyaonebay, generationx, Cragus, Hughjampton, ste7772, loaded, Twinset, KEV THE REV, offroaderboy, Lowry, gecko-no-more, blob1, Leethal Driver, SRB Bloke, Chain Driven and j-man.

I cant remember all the dealings I've had so if I've traded with you please refresh my mind and message me so I can add you to the list of the trustworthy.