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Hi fellow Tamiya Lovers.
I've only just recently got my collecting bug back on track after a few years away.
So far i have a new built blazer in box art color black with original box and intructions etc.Stunning model.

Also Have a beautifully restored Rough Rider .Which has been done in the alternitive box colors blue and White.
I have a mint custom scorcher .And i have three scorchers i'm restoring.One will be mint and painted in alternitive box art colours.Other two will be runners.
I have a hilux and a further two blazers all needing a little tlc..
Also have a mint built Wild One too.
I once had quite a big collection and of sandscorchers, rough riders ,sand rovers ,holiday buggys and lots of spares for them.I had mint restored ones,runners, scrap ones , parts all over the place.I sold these about 7 to 8 years ago very reluctanlty.

In my'youth' i had the original hot shot 1.Pejero.Hornet. Frog.I was about 14 and these where used to destruction.
I sold them all about 8 or 9 years ago .
I was also collecting vintage 1960's scalextric cars.So something had to go.

I figured ,that selling the bigger tamiya models would give me more room for my scalextric .
I went on to obtain some of the rarest scalextric cars ever made.

But again two years ago i sold old my entire slot car collection and bought a ford lotus cortina mk1 .
Cortina now sold reluctantly.

So now i'm looking to replace all my favourite vw related ones first.Then MAYBE the ones i didn't get last time.

Allthough i am thinking it will take me a little longer now to get where i once was as the price of them now has realy shot up.
And i feel thats a good thing in my eyes.These are true investments for the collector.

I Hope to be a very active member of this great site.
Best regards Tim

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