Location:York, North Yorkshire.
Ebay ID:stevep8766

Had my first Tamiya model at 12, the Blackfoot !

It was a tough choice at the time as I had the choice of that or the Terra Scorcher as they were a similar price. I was stood in Beaties in Blackpool for quite a while trying to decide as it was going to be my Christmas present that year.

I still remember the sales guy showing us a Bull Head and Clodbuster with the working lights!! Cool! But way too much money at the time.

I got back into Tamiya RC in 2006 following a quick scan on ebay I bought a Grasshopper 2 that needed TLC! Whilst waiting for it to arrive I got my Blackfoot out of the loft charged the original battery and it span the wheels as if it had just been used yesterday!! It had sat there unused for at least 15 years! These things are literally bullet proof if they are looked after, I always cleaned it up after I finished using it.!

I finally found a Terra Scorcher on ebay, which I have stripped and restored.

Other models that I have restored are shown in my Showroom, I like to restore, sell on and find another project. I have really thinned out the collection recently as we have just had our second child. Over the last 18 months I have regularly had over 12 cars in various states of repair/finished.

Now I have just 4. The ones that I am keeping, the Original Blackfoot, a twin motor M chassis frakenstein and a twin 15turn motor Mad Bison, great fun! Fab!:-)