Location:Santiago de Chile

Hey everyone.

My name is Erich, and I live down in Santiago de Chile. I'm a college professor, a professional historian. My nickname deals with my past as a BMX racer, and 1983 is NOT the year I was born. Actually, that was my best year in the school circuit.

I've been a TamiyaClub member for many years now. I love these scale cars, and I certainly have a feeling for quality Japanese things. I'm not really into any type of new stuff. I still run the old MSCs and two-stick Futaba radios. Tamiya is the main thing for me in RC, although for some reason I also have one Kyosho model (1984 Honda ATC 250R), and my weekend beater is a newer HPI Wheely King, which can take all the abuse no Tamiya would ever be able to stand.

The customized Midnight Pumpkin Ford F-100 pick-up was my 1st Hobby grade RC vehicle. Fell in love with it back in 1988, and it took me long to raise the money to buy it. What an unforgettable afternoon when I got to decide between that one and the Black Foot kit! I went for the Pumpkin, and spent literally years of happy moments with that amazing little truck. I would run it on Sundays with my cousin who'd run his 1986 4wd Boomerang (yes, he still have that old goat).

I returned to the hobby because of a Black Foot truck that I found at a local fleamarket, years ago. From then on I have found, bought, sold, and exchanged many Tamiya RC models. It still amazes me that I have had so many of the cars I remember I literally dreamed of back then, when I used to walk long distances to just stare at them at our LHS, ''Hobbylandia''.

On-road RC models and plain speed do nothing for me. Although most my cars are shelfers, I like dirt stuff and in a way I'm some sort of 4x4 nostalgic. I don't like ''sissy'' motorsports, I go for Tractor pulling, Mudbog racing, and Monster trucks. Heavy & powerful vehicles have definitely been a turn on for me since I was a kid. I'm a huge fan of the old TNT motorsports shows.

Right now I have the following Tamiya trucks & buggies (okay, these plus one Robbe/Kyosho, and one HPI):

1. Black Foot

2. Monster Beetle

3. Chevrolet Clod Buster

4. Super Champ

5. Toyota 4x4 Bruiser

6. Hornet

7. Fast Attack Vehicle

8. Subaru Brat


10. Rough Rider

11. Sand Scorcher

12. Sand Scorcher #2

13. Dodge van ''Lunch Box''


15. Jeep Wrangler XC-01

16. TIGER I Early Prod. 1:16 WWII German Tank

17. Robbe/Kyosho Honda ATC 250R trike

18. HPI Wheely King 4x4 ''Hot Soccer Mom''

19. Sand Rover (project - missing bodyshell!)

20. Custom IH 1066 Super-stock Puller (in the making)

21. Porsche 956 Racing Master MK.5 (1984)

22. Grasshopper

23. Frog (1984)

24. Rough Rider #2

25. Dodge A-100 2wd puller (in the making)

Throughout the last nine years I've made good friends here on TC, and I have exchanged, sold, and purchased Tamiya parts from great guys from all over the world:

FrankLux / Mooter / daddy5150 / Moostar / Karooha MB / Mcovalsk / Regressing! / Tamland67 / Crash Cramer / Swarm / KevtheRev / tamiyoman / Renken2000 / Superchampjohn / SteelRat / Lupogtiboy / Moxyuk / blackfoot dave / 3-speed / berman / chesher cat / fritjofarnold / fatboyslim / Formiga / henrikw / chk2711 / HOPPIN MAD 74 / Leethal Driver / louiepou / 2qwik / muratti / Onetenth / Psastute / twisty / unclepunchy / wrecked / zulu69 / thamson / Arai_1 / tjaard / Live_steam_mad / stickerbod / Beetlelover / Cooltoys / smitchos / TamiyaVancouver / pakoo / miniguy77 / TeeForce / Origineelreclamebord / larbut / Spanner Monkey / scoobysport / Tamiyamandan / Spice / wrightpumpkin / OCD / commiedoor / mr nice / chrisk5 / nish2u2 / Daves956 / z00ter / BadBoy / Pizzachaude / hopup / RcRacer / Scapelnz / Percymon

There must be other TCers I forgot to mention. Please refresh my memory if I did! Thank you, guys!

Other than that, nowadays I am enjoying my cars whenever I have a minute to do so, and of course I'm always after replacement parts. I sure enjoy the hobby, and I have a happy life.

And if anyone is reading this... well, I hope you have a very nice day!!! ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)