Location:Switzerland (Aargau)

Hi there!
I'm from switzerland. When I was a child, my first Car that I bought from my money was a Subaru Brat. I saw this car all the Time in a christmas booklet from a toy shop and was nearly in love with it! I had also a lot of planes and Boats too, but Cars were my passion. As i was 18 I had over twenty cars in my attic...and an ultra lightweight wallet ;-)

10 Years ago i sold all my Cars for realy nothing! I get sick when i thinking about this... but i had other interests and my apartment was not really adequate to collect all these cars from the good old days. Half a year later (that's life) I met my old friend that i used to drive with all the time as a child. He told me that he was collecting and restoring his old cars ...
THAT was the beginning of my second Tamiya life...

Now I have around 45 Cars and have a great time and fun with Tamiya cars!
My second passion is High-end Hifi and sport ( if I don't sit in the cellar). :-)

Mates that i have gladly dealed with:

Beetle Lover