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After drooling over a Tamiya RC Guide for the best part of 1985 I decided that the Fast Attach Vehicle would be my first Tamiya mainly because of its scale looks. Then the Wild One came out and because it was similiar to the FAV but with more racy looks I then decided that was the one for me. Eventually though I got my first Tamiya car in 1986. By then the Fox had been released so being the latest car this is the one I eventually got and spent many a happy day thrashing the Fox as often as my single 1200mAh battery pack and not so very fast charger would allow. I have never lost my love of playing with RC cars over the years but active involvement has varied depending on other commitments. My interest in Tamiya models has been rejuvenated due to the recent re-releases (Frog, Brat, Hotshot) and of course this most excellent site! Hope to update with more details of my modest collection soon: Fox (I've still got it in parents loft!), Top Force (runner), Grasshopper (re-re/runner), Hornet (re-re/NIB), Frog (re-re/NIB), Brat (re-re/NIB), Hotshot (re-re/NIB). Non-Tamiya; Schumacher Nitro10 (my first IC which was fun but so unreliable), Team Magic G4 (10th IC on-road racer).

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