Location:Ventura, CA USA
Ebay ID:reenmachine_racing

Like so many others, my first R/C car was a Grasshopper, back in the 80s sometime. It quickly became a passion, and launched me down the road to becoming a mechanical engineer. The 'hopper was modified very extensively and was followed by a Fox, Wild One, and a Bigwig. I never had a Hornet but always wanted one, and I just bought a NIB original 80s version (not a re-release) which I plan on building ASAP. I'm back in the hobby!

UPDATE: OK, I'm not going to build the NIB 5845 Hornet! :) It's now in my trades. I just built a re-re Frog that I'm running hard to get my bashing fix.

I built a Sand Viper in hopes of being wowed by 25 years of improvements and was seriously underwhelmed. I'm in the process of bringing the suspension and drivetrain up to snuff.

I built a Mini Cooper to race in a local Mini class and got hooked on road racing! I have a TA-05 in the works purely for the race track as well.

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