Location:Veluwe Netherlands
Ebay ID:x-jepaisho-c

I,m living in the Netherlands at the Veluwe, the biggest national park into our country.I,m collecting Tractors and cars nou before i build some schips, these things take a lot of space, so i sold them ol. I started witch dis hobby if a get a Mit Pajero metal top at about 25 jears ago. thats was the first start,end in the jear 1999 ai started witch collecting tractors,only in 1:32 scale. later more about that,i like the most of ol ol XC cars in 4 wheel drive and ol real scale trucks witch the hard body,s. I had a few cars witch the lexaan body,s but these are not to resceive in the hard body,s, the hard body,s are more detailled then the lexaan,s. my name is Alfons end this is a litle description how i started. I hope i like this club and comments always welcome,thanks.