Hey !

Time is passing, Models Stacking to the Roof.....some will know the Problem :D

Posting my List here before starting to make Pics

Group C Mercedes C11
Group C Mazda 787B
Groub C Jaguar XJR-12
Group C Nissan R91CP

M-Chassis M02 Fiat Abarth TCR 1000 NIB
M-Chassis M02 Heavy Tuned Fiat Abarth TCR Body
M-Chassis M02 BMW Z3

F103-RS Toyota GT-One
F103-LM TRF Audi R8R
F103GT Advan Courage LC70

several Bodys for the F103 Plattform

several 1/8 TGR s Nitro and Brushless
several 1/8 TGX s Nitro and Brushless

Kinda all 1/8 Bodys execpt the Rally Lineup and a few others

Mud Blaster Restored / Rebuild

XV-01 Subaru WRX STI 2001 Rally

Tamtech Porsche 935 Martini

My Tamiyaclub friends...