Location:Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Born-again Tamiya man. got my first car, the Martini Porsche 935, back in 1979!
An Astute followed in 1990, closely followed by a Hornet, and a Grasshopper,
fast forward to 2004, got a Mad Fighter buggy, then 2 clapped out Grasshoppers via Ebay.
In 2008 I bought another Grasshopper kit, and got spares to get one of the old ones running again as a Hornet! Then bought a Sand Viper, now slowly mutating into a DT-02 'Astute'..
I have my Hornet and Grasshopper in South Africa now, and hoping to try out a DT-03 chassis next...Bought a Mad bull in South Africa and a Racing Fighter in UK, March 2016.
April 2016, I bought a Madcap via Ebay..restoring to running condition, but it will never be a basher now! Also got another Grasshopper and Hornet via Ebay... went a bit mad on Ebay,now have a Desert Gator, and Neo Fighter, plus a Fighter Buggy RX to replace the one I foolishly sold!
UPDATE FEB 2017: now got a Neo Scorcher TT-02B 4WD in South Africa, looking to expand my 4WD fleet!
UPDATE DEC 2018 : now retired, and moved to South Africa,,,,all my cars came with me!

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