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My love for r/c was sparked by my big brother, who would, when i was about 10 years old, let me have a quick 1minute turn on his beloved Sand Scorcher. This may seem harsh, but to be fair, i wasn't the most competent driver, and i was prone to the odd crash into the curb, plus the batteries only lasted about 10 minutes back then. (Had he realised how valuable they are now, i doubt i would've got a look in at all!!).
When i was older, my parents bought me my first r/c car, i remember wanting to get a Blackfoot, but when my Dad, Brother & myself came out of the model shop in Weston-Super-Mare my dad had got me a Bearhawk, it was on at a good package deal at the time i think being my Dads reasoning, but i didn't mind, i was still getting a r/c car!!). When i realised my Bearhawk wasn't quite as good as my brother's Sandscorcher, i was a little disappointed, it wasnt as good on long grass, and his was faster, but i still loved my Bearhawk, and used it often, but then over time less so, until i didn't. But...i still kept her, she's in relatively good condition, box art, sat on my shelf.
Now im 27, and this site, and e-Bay, have been the catalyst for resparking my interest in r/c. I guess something had always bugged me, and that was not ever owning that Blackfoot i wanted as a kid. So now, with my own money to spend/burn on r/c, and the means of getting one, i now also own a Blackfoot, which i'm currently trying to 'hop-up' and spray paint (which is something i've never done before,as my brother built and sprayed my Bearhawk). Ohh, i've also bought a Moster Beetle, i always liked them as a kid too, (big VW fan) and will one day try to make this as shelf queen as possible. But my Blackfoot...she's going to be a runner!.
I'd like to join Tamiyaclub because as well as having a passion for r/c and all things Tamiya, i'd like to be able to talk to other members to discuss r/c, ask for help and advice, (even give it if i can) and possibly meet up with other members to bash my Blackfoot.
Ross Neville

(oh, and yes, my brother does still have his Sandscorcher, and because i've got back into r/c he has too. He's just finished trying to make his to a near box art look like he has always wanted to do. Whether or not he'll let me have a go on it now is debatable).

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