Location:Willow Glen, CA, USA
Ebay ID:pintopower

I have loved cars since birth! I mean any kinds of cars, real, 1:24, RC, drawn...get the idea.

My first RC car was a Nikko Dune buggy and soon after a pair of badly used Tyco Bandits that I fixed up. Then, I acquired a used RC10 when I was 10 (1990, its the Blue one in my showroom) and then a horribly used and abused Hornet when I was 11 (Its restored now, and turned into two cars, long story). My first new RC Car was a Midnight pumpkin. It has hundreds of miles on it and I still take it everywhere with me (yes i'm still a kid). The rest are in my ever changing showroom so feel free and comment away. I love talking.

Even for as many as I have, I drive them ALL. They are all in good shape (some incredibly good) BUT I do not own a shelf queen (well, maybe the Wanatabe Hornet...) as they are driven often, very often.

Now, the non-Tamiya cars, I have a gold pan RC10 (my first ever hobby RC) and a RC10B2. I had an RC10DS that I really liked but it hated me. I gave it to my friend that has a nitro one. He can seem to get them to handle great while for me, it was just a miserable car. I nee-dent see one again.

On the subject of non-Tamiya's. though this was not sold by Tamiya, it technically is. I have a World Engines RockBuster that i recently restored. It is thoroughly cool even though it is a cheap and shameless copy of the Tamiya classics.

My last clone is a Panda/Varicom/Mugen Cyclone/Manx/Lynx/ whatever you want to call it. It is nearly completed and probably the most illusive of the Hornet clones.

On the other side of things, I am a Senior Mechanical Enigneer at a technology firm in California. All of my colleagues think I am a weirdo for driving RC cars at lunch and not driving a $100,000 car like they do (lemmings). I am very passionate about my Family, my 100 year old house and my full size cars. That's a long list (in order of acquisition)...

1979 Ford Pinto Wagon 2.8 (restored)

1977 Ford Pinto Wagon 2.8 (restored)

1980 Ford Pinto Sedan 2.3 (restored)

1978 Fiat 124 Spider (restored)

1974 Ford Pangra Wagon (restored)

1980 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon (restored)

1980 Fiat Strada (Original)

1984 Fiat Ritmo Cabrio (Original)

1976 Mecury Bobcat Runabout (nearly done)

There are also two trucks:

1980 Toyota Hilux

1987 Ford F250

And a 1977 Vespa Rally 200 (that I restored in 2 weeks for our wedding engagement pictures, pssshh, who needs sleep?)

If anyone is in the San Francisco area in California, hit me up!

I told you I love cars.