Location:Barcelona (Spain)
Ebay ID:victorsaab

I got into the hobby when I was 17, thanks to a Romax Racing which gave me a lot of trouble but also a lot of experience.
From then on I owned 1:8 TT with .21 engine as the SG Alpha Tiger, Robbe Presto 4x4 and Garbo Ghibli. Then I left the hobby for about 10 years.

Last year I noticed I could recover all those cars I had wished when I was young. After reparing my Robbe Presto from dust to the track again, I have been collecting all vintage cars like Kyosho Land Jump, Impacta Baja, all Romax and Presto, SG Leopard, Robbe Pantera, etc.
About 14 of my 28 cars are 'ready to run', but I need a lot of time to set them up. This is why almost none of my cars is clean and in a showroom, as I still use them.
So it will be a pleasure to show them to you.

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