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I am a Tamiya fan since i saw the 58125 Michelin Pilot Cosworth on an flyer. I felt in love with the car. To get the money to buy the car i managed to work as a assistant of a building worker in a company. After one week i got 600DM. I am not shure, i payd for the car a battery, the remote and a charger apprx. 700DM. This was ~1996. My neighbor bought a Manta Ray in the same time. We had much fun together running the cars in our village. Thats the story. I am running the car since 12 years with a longer break during my apprenticeship and the study. At the beginning of 2008 i asked my former neighbor about the manta ray and he gave it to me as a present. Right now i am running my car some times during the week on the parkinglot behind our house. Thats what i like most. Everything at this car is worn out and i started a long term project to fix the clearances on the chassis. Everybody wo is running an often used TA-01 knows what i am talking about ;-)


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