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I first saw a round of the Tamiya Eurocup running at Brands Hatch’s in door area in about 1994 when I went to watch the BTCC and was hooked, I started Eurocupping a couple of years later and haven’t stopped yet, I love everything about these little cars and soon found myself collecting some of my favourite kits and shells.
I now have every F1 shell since the F2 cars (some in kit form), 3 tanks, 3 lorries, 1 dump truck (brought off of Dazmeister), various touring cars, some made and many NIB and a large collection of unpainted shells.

Although I don’t get as much time as I’d like to build kits I am looking forward to my dotage when the kids grow up and I get more time, in fact they can help me to make up for all the time I spent chasing round after them!

I also have a little track running around the outside of my back garden, just a nice bit of smooth tarmac the width of a regular path, it’s fine for cars with stock motors and the kids love riding their bikes around it, when it was finished the wife actually agreed that it was a good idea as it didn’t look like a race track. It gives me great pleasure running a little M-chassis car round it on a summers evening.

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