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I Started in the R/C Tamiya Cars in 2008, with my first Car beeing a Re-releae Grasshopper as I always wanted one of those as a Kid!!!

Then I got more and more in the Tamiya R/C cars and started to collect mainly VW Based/inspired Cars... will try to update my Showroom as fast as possible...

My Other Hobby BigBoysToys is a 1:1 1960 VW Bug that got the California look treatment with big Motor and all the real go fast stuff...

I Have done Great Trades and Transactions with TC Members: Kev The Rev, BadBoy, Helge, Dante77, Mongoose1983, Swarm, Tamman77, Onetenth, Zulu69, Wrecked, Anchordriver, Beetlelover, Metallifits, Toykid, RA1028, TamiyaWizard, Twisty, Hello Motto, Mr. Retreader, Meakz1973, Def4x4, Lammac, Kalsh, Japper7, Kyotoy, RENKEN2000, Integra Fan, Lowry, gr2fltp...!!!