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I started with Rc in 1985 with my fathers Mauri Golden Eagel CJ7. My first own Rc-Car was a Midnight Pumpkin I still have it. Then I got a Kyosho Raider and now i have about 30 cars, two helicopters. And more to come.....
I have also work at Slotcar-Kyosho Sweden for 4 years -96 -00. That time was interesting but nothing I want to do again. It to much to work with my hobby.

Nowadays I just have it as a hobby.

My main interest in collecting Tamiya is to get the cars that I didn´t get in the 80´s. The collection now holds HotShot, Hornet, Frog, Grasshopper, Clodbuster, Monster Beetle, Blackfoot. This is my favorite cars in my collection. Now I have a Sand Scorcher and a Rough Raider. Then I only can get more and have some as runners, that would be nice.

My collection also has Kyosho cars not so many and I don´t want so many. My focus is on the Optima family. Now I have 9 of the Optimas in different conditions and I want more Optimas. Then I can run them as well.

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