Location:Suffolk, England
Ebay ID:(garfield)

My first R/C was a small white Nikko which ran off 6AA rechargeables and worked for years until I drove it into a pond. After this I was brought a Midnight Pumpkin for my 9th birthday, which I still have (mostly original...) and which still works. This was the only one I was ever brought new and in my early teens I had a Falcon (really fast, snapped chassis on a big jump :( ), couple of Mardave Mini's and an F189 Ferrari. I still have the Ferrari but it's a pain to run due to needing a flat surface, so it's currently only a battered shell and chassis.

Currently owned and runnable:

Midnight Pumpkin (original)

Tamiya Peugeot 306 Maxi Rally

TA02 with Mercedes DTM shell

TB01 Mitsubishi Evo (58257) With Focus TRF Shell

Kyosho PureTen Alpha Mercedes DTM with NISMO GTR Shell

Kyosho RS200 Nitro

Ansmann Master Smacker (excellent value for money)

Pajero Metaltop

Sonic Fighter

Fox / Maplin Killer Hybrid

Lunchbox (Original)

Maisto 1/10 VW Type 2 Camper


Grasshopper II

Original Manta Ray (needs shell, wing, shocks)

Sin Yih Nitro stadium truck (raided for servos)

Tamiya F189 Ferrari F1 (no servos, motor, bashed shell, no wing)

Mardave Mini (3 shells)

Kyosho Flatnose Porsche 911 (Ultima based)

Things that aren't cars:

Heng Long 1/24 Full Function M1A1

Syma Chinook

Syma Apache

That looks a lot now I've written it down.... :)