Location:Great Britain
Ebay ID:motoko_69

The first proper R/C car I had was back in about 1988, it was a second hand Monster Beetle. Sadly that was stolen from the back of my parent's car. So I then got another one that I had for many years until I stupidly sold it to fund my racing cars. Recently acquired another one from ebay that is in the process of being restored with some nice (expensive!) vintage hop-ups.

I've also had an F102 & F103 chassis (I'm still racing the 10 year old F103 today), as well as.....

TA02 - Castrol Celica
FF02 - Honda Civic
TA03S - Peugeot 206
M02 - Fiat 500
M02L - VW Beetle
Thunder Dragon
TRF415MSX MRE, soon to be joined by a shiny new F103 15th anniversary kit which will be a runner (or not depending on how much I love the look of the virgin carbon...mmmmmmm carbon).

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