Location:fairbanks alaska
Ebay ID:tamiyaslim

My name is mark. I live in north pole alaska, just outside of fairbanks. I am 42 years old and i have been into rc since I was a teenager. Most of the models that I have, I have collected over the last 10 years. Most all of my vintage models I have gotten off ebay. I enjoy other hobbies like four wheeling my quad or riding snowmobiles during the winter. I am self employed in the construction field, and I have built my own home out of pocket, and am pretty much debt free. So I like enjoying my hobbies and having as much recreational time as possible.
If you like you can see some of my other hobbies by visiting my myspace photo albums. see link to website above.
I also wanted to let everyone know that I have had excellent Results dealing with the following TC members. Bruiserbuilder, Lowry, crash-chris, rad22rad(awesome alloy's), homerboi, loaded, KEV THE REV, TamTom, thamson, thebuggyman, visa_king, besty22, Scollins, SRB bloke, casethejoint, jims hobby shop, zequell, stickerbod, jez thain, Bluefoot, Wrecked, tamiyoman, ICEMAN, rcgrabbag, europro975, TimeCmdr, javelin man, Beetle Lover, Integra Fan, breck, axemandavva, murrati, mechinyum, J-man, mikea96, 442xcar, 3SPD REKR, RENKEN2000, tamiyamandan, puffdog, twinset, and my little buddy from across the pond and best mate, jeffy!. One person I will never deal with again is D-Spec! Thanks for nothing.