Location:Prestatyn, Wales
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I saw my first Tamiya around 1984, a Subaru Brat in an Argos/Littlewoods catalogue.
It wasn't until approx 1986 that my cousin got a Boomerang for his birthday that opened my eyes to how superior a hobby grade kit was.

My first kit was a Hornet which eventually got trashed but now because of Tamiyaclub and auction sites, I have a bit more cash to collect kits (and look after them more!)

UPDATE 27/09/2023
Since 2018 I have reduced my collection down to some of my favourite models.
From 2020 onwards, the frustration of waiting nearly a year from release for a Tamiya got me trying out other manufacturers again and now I have gravitated towards 1/8 scale and larger.
Coming to the end of 2023 I have bought and sold other manufacturers, all shapes and sizes and now starting to settle on a few models I have come to like.
Tamiya distribution has improved slightly since 2020 and I have enjoyed adding a couple of kits to be built in the future when my situation changes..

Members that I have had successful trades/sales etc. with are

huffmeister, quincey, manuspain, addicted2blue, neo, mattc, bloodclod, tamiyabigstuff, slayer (aka tammy girl), wldnas, scollins, joelvardy, super gripper, devilsome, Rusty-Tamiya, Crash Cramer, moosey, netsmith, morpheus , Ferretti, nigeninja, Biggus Ditchus, The Buggy Man, Fruzzmeister, tylerdurden, nokemaster, scalamon, stickerbod, vanpeebles, Mad Ax, Biscuit, tamiyamad, 53HRA, ryanboard, wrecked, jonny retro, mad maz, pat*1, Carrera, jeffy, zulu69, Kingpin, tamiya_runner, gr2fltp, wandy, markwhittaker, Zakspeed, Cossie P100, Madinventor, JWeston, trismagic, TamiyaWizard, Hornetracer1971, Mad Ax, Leethal Driver, Sunnyjai, regressing!, Mad maz, Spice and others...

My user name is taken from the PC game,
Thief: the dark project