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I was born in '74 so as many here on TC it was the perfect age when the grashopper and Big Wig was the ultimate toy to have.With my friends we were talking about the beauty and the performance of each of them.My bible was of course the 'Toys they're not' Tamiya RC guide.We had so much fun building running and filming our Tamiya's.Then life passed and after studies,wife,carreer and childrens I return by accident to the RC world.When my wife was pragnent of my first son I was thinking about restoring my old rc plane.The virus took my again and very hard.After 32 planes I had some place problem and when I was looking for some spare parts for one of my planes I saw some re-realeases of Grashopper and Brat.I tolk with the saleman that I had a beautifull lotus JSP Special 79.He said to me he had 600 Tamiyas.We had some passianate talks and when I saw a Brat for 159 € I was like hipnotised.The first step was set.After I opened the box the smell of rubber and plastic brought back some sweet memorys.I went to my parents,took my dusty JSP and some old manuals and did a list of most wanted cars.I made a list of 15 and promise me not to go behind...
I like them Boxart because these was the models I was dreaming for when I was young even if I love to see great realisation.All my pleasure is to build the most perfect box art only 1/10.I am a bit maniac about my cars.They must be new and everything has to be as mentionned on the guide.Only TS or PS paint, even my screwdrivers and masking tape are Tamiya.You will see many NIB's but they all are temporary,lots of pleasure inside this boxes to come :).