Ebay ID:rightwheeldrive

Spent some of the best years of my life in Oman in the Gulf.
Got a Hornet in 1985. Had the hole desert as my playground. I bashed it until
front suspension arms broke and tub split.
In 87 i was aproached by a toy shop/pharmacy to make Tamiya kits for customers who couldn't build or couldn't be bothered to. what a job!
I was paid £20 per car and given discount on kits!
Thats when my true addiction kicked in!
1st off i got me a RM Porcshe then FAV,Lunchbox,Bigwig& Hotshot.
Then found girls n friends with fast cars and left my Tamiyas.
1989 moved back to U.K. and back to reality.
didnt go into another model shop until 95 when i got me a nice Porcshe 993 GT2. What a cool kit!
I have just picked up from a friend Sandscorcher, Rough rider & Ranger shells that he was goin to bin??
So mow my projects start.