Location:Werl, Germany
Ebay ID:Blackbobba

I'm a 39 year old 'boy' from Germany. Got my first Tamiya RC Buggy (Sand Rover) in 1980/81 (i'm not sure about that after all the time) and then about one year later I got the next one: THE SAND SCORCHER! (Thanks Daddy!!) I loved this kit from the first time I saw it. Both kits are already in my possesion. The Rover is not in a good condition, after all I was a 11 year old kid and 'used' it like a toy. Some parts are broken or lost. My Daddy started the assembling of the Scorcher kit and I finished it with his support. The cars brought much fun to me but when I grew up they disappeared somewhere on a shelf in the cellar. In the early nineties I reactivated the Scorcher. I bought a new esc (Robbe Rookie) and new racing packs (NC 1200mAh). After a while it disapeared for the second time...BUT NOW THE TIME HAS COME TO HIT THE (OFF)ROAD AGAIN :)!! A workmate of mine (He's a King Hauler and Lunch Box Driver) reminded me of my cellar treasures. Now I'm going to restore the Sand Scorcher. I already bought some spare parts on eBay. While searching for some parts I discovered this site and ...wow - it's overwhelming for me to see that there is such a big community of fans for vintage Tamiyas (Yipeeh - I'm not alone...!). I hope I could give you a little impression and I'm looking forward to my project by joining this community!
Happy New Year and best wishes from Germany!
Peter ...and by the way: hope my English is not too bad :)

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