Location:Berthoud, CO
Ebay ID:JPickettIII

I have had many Tamiya and Marui cars in the past. I should have kept them, but being a young pup back then, I got rid of them. Right now I have a Tamiya Wild Willy 2 that I have had lots of fun with. I am working on restoring back to oringal spects a turning it into a shelf queen. I plan to start collecting and resorting the cars of my past. The main three (from my past) I would like to get and restore are the Sand Scorcher, Lunch Box and the Hunter. After that I would like to move on to the Super Shot, my dream car for ever. Then who knows. Thanks for the time, hopefully I can become a member to share the memories and the new found fun with the cars.


John Pickett

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