Location:Grand Rapids, MI

I live in Michigan (USA), Married with two kids, daughter married and son in the Army Airborne Special Forces (Hooah). My modeling hobby started early with 1/25 scale static styrene kits and moved to RC after I got married. I have owned my original new Bruiser since 1986 when I first got into RC. I don't have shelves full of kits, but have recently (2009) purchased another stock Bruiser off e-bay as another project truck. Ironically paid the same for the e-bay truck as I did for the NIB in 1986, so I think I got a deal. Both have been fully restored and upgraded and are continual works in process. I love scale modeling and the Bruiser was perfect for me. An F350 and some type of Jeep are planned projects for the future as these also cater to my love for scale projects.