Location:Brisbane, Australia
Ebay ID:tripwire78

I first got into rc in christmas of 1986 when my brother and i got turbo jet hopper II's about a week after chrissy i was driving my jet hopper in the park next door when these two older guys came tearing down with much bigger cars than mine i ran up to them and asked them what cars they had and they showed me their cars it turned out that one was The Fox and the other was The Wild One from that day i wanted a tamiya off roader it wasn't till a holiday in US in 1989 when i got a grasshopper 2 super G, i remember beging my parents for the hotshot 2 but we ended up with gh2sg. I've loved Tamiya for a while now who knows how long i'll be collecting for.

my collection consists of:-

Buggy champ 2009 (built)
Fox (new built)
Falcon (complete rebuild everything)
Bigwig (new built )
Midnight pumpkin (metallic re release built)
Vanquish (fully newly restored)
Grasshopper2 superG (shelf Queen)
Astute (shelf queen)
Egress (NIB)
Madcap (shelf queen)
Madcap (fully hopped up even with TTC geartrain set)
Dyna storm ( new built)
Dirt thrasher (shelf queen)
Stadium thunder (shelf queen)
TG10 MK1 team CLK sports wear (good condition)
TG10 MK1 PRO (fully hopped up with OS15cvx motor)
Colt 10 formula 1 (nitro powered very fast)
Dark impact ( hopped up)
Inferno GT2 (hopped up also with ipanema blackhawk SR transmission)
HPI firestorm 10T flux brushless
Protos 1/8 off road buggy
Esky honey bee king2 (fully hopped up)
Russian SU27 ducted fan jet

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