Ebay ID:fpv-gtp

I have loved Tamiya since I was given my Frog as a 15 year old back in 1986. I started racing late 2009 and thought that my eldest boy (only 4 at the time) might enjoy RC as well, so I bought him a Wild Willy 2.

Watching the smile on his face as he drove his WW2 around got me reminiscing and wondering where my old Frog was, so I booked in an afternoon to go through the garage at my mothers house, and luckily I found it hidden away in an school bag.
I brought it home, cleaned it up and thought a few bits might require replacing, so I got online to find them. That then led me to buying a Super Shot, then a Hotshot 2, then an Astute etc etc etc etc....where does it all end?