Location:England,Isle Of Wight
Ebay ID:hammerstien-uff

started in 1986 with rough rider then grasshopper and just kept going last one Ralt RT2 Hart 420R raced until mid 90's when my meteor was still just about holding its own then real life took over for 15 odd years

well now i'm back in to rc big time sold all my cars 2 years ago while off work with back problems
4 mardave meteors 2 lwb ones one with cobra wheels and sus arms other with upgrade meteor long front arms and long rear arms and 2 just bog standard ones sold my ralt rt2 as well :( and my totally mad mardave mini stock which had meteor battary box fitted to take 7.2 and silver star esc and a challenger super stock motor went like the clappers but would kill a set of tires in one run .

So bring it forward 2 years and have gone a bit mad got about 7 kyosho sandmaster / outrage variants in some sort of restore or running
mardave well i had to apache meteor x2 and the cobra and the car i always wanted but couldn't quiet get a marauder plus a re-re grasshopper
will try and add stuff at a normal rate to showroom as will be quite a few to do 20 ish plus