My name's Michael and i was born in the early    ‚¬Ëœ70ies. I've been into Tamiya since i was a child and started with my Sand Scorcher and later a Porsche 956 RM Mk5. After a while the Rally obsession began with the Lancia Delta and my collection is growing by now. Thanks to my family who are very acquiescent with my obsession!!..

I love to take RC-car Action pics mostly, in former times i used to race at the Tamiya Cup. I'm also Alfa Romeo mad as you can see in my showroom.
Update 2016: I started racing again :) - Tamiyacup and some other racing series:
cars used: TB Evo 6, TB03 TRF tuned, TB04R, TT01R Type E.

TC-Top Traders i have traded with and can absolutly recommend them: (in no particulary order) - thanks for the smooth trades
cc_76, mcovalsk, tamstar, professorslot, gatecliff, joro, alonzofuriozo, alistair, huffmiester,
lemansrc.com, smileyvu, sandokan, tamiyali, bibbo, flux denisity, ukzz4iroc, chain driven, dragostanko, Tamichael, supergreg, Dazmeister, muratti, jayjay, ra1028, marty, zulu69, oldsterolli, joelvardy, victor101car, WRC Action, stickerbod, TOM53, arai_1, alexxkid, Chain Driven, Chris_Chris, Laurent, trickydicky1979, Jorisschulte, Dazza1, SKYANDSAND, Subaruhess and many others i don't remember yet.

Before using one of my pics, you must have my permission to use it/them! This was necessary because many people used my pics for selling things on ebay etc.