Location:Herts, UK
Ebay ID:Ant88l

I have been collecting tamiya rc cars for 30 years now, with the Madcap Bought in 1989 being my very first Tamiya. I have owned my first land rover a 88 SWB since 94. Since then 5 more Land Rovers have joined my fleet of 1:1 Landies :). I have a large collection of working and non working RC vehicles! I used to race at a local club for 4 years but uni got in the way :o) I then picked it back up a few years ago and now race a TRF201x. I now work making models for a living so mucking around my rc collection is still great fun!
My most complex project was building a PC into my mercedes 1850l. I have my own CNC mill so I can make all this from my cad drawings! The Tamiya RC trucks is now one of my major parts of my collection having 22 of these trucks! As the group leader for TamiyaTruckin we take the trucks to varous model shows in the UK. Show information can be found on the TamiyaTruckin SIG page!