Location:New Zealand
Ebay ID:expomkiwi

Hey Guys, my name is Neil. I was born in Liverpool England, been in NZ nearly all of my life though.
Been collecting since May '09 when I saw a Clod Buster on a local auction site that made me remember the one I had in my younger years, I now have a penchant for the scale looks and attention to detail reknowned by Tamiya. Used to race offroad back in the late 80's/early 90's (a boomerang and a King cab). Up until May 09 my last RC was a dismal TL01 that I spent moonbeams on trying to race competitively back in '99.
The bug has hit hard since my Clod purchase, and I've been collecting trucks I used to have, and trucks I wanted but couldn't afford when I was a young whippersnapper. Mid-life crisis? ...maybe. Awesome? ...definitely!

Just want to say a big thanks to Willy and Selwyn Laing *R.I.P Midnight Cowboy* A father and son who got me hooked on the Tamiya monster trucks when I was a kid. I dont know if Willy will ever read this, but cheers mate.
Also a HUGE thank you to my LHS, Bay Hobby Supplies, Who has helped me out immensely, Cheers guys!
I have had great trades with: 996TT, Amitooold, Andersop, ap6318, appleby20, BeetleLover, Blaque Jacque, EARNHARDT, qatmix, JWeston, Kaiser, Kalsh, KEV THE REV, Meakz1973, Mongoose1983, Muratti, Old Falcon Lad, Renco5012, Subaruhess, Truck Norris, VagabondStarJXF, Visa_King, and Zequell. If I have forgotten a trade with you, please refresh my aging memory!