Location:kilburn, london
Ebay ID:christian2323blue

After 20 years in the wilderness i came back to my roots.

In 2006 i found a wreck of an Avante in my dads garage. With no cars on the market that sparked my imagination like this one, my first restoration project started. 2 years later it was complete, a labour or love that my wife will never really understand (or find out the cost!).

Since then it's been all consuming. The spare parts left over from that project spawned another variant - an Egress - with all the appropriate hop-ups (ouch).

Then a battered old Avente 2001 off ebay became Avante no. 2 (to be a runner) with some custom carbon damper mounts for good measure (photos to be posted).

In the meantime my brother's old Yokomo Works 93 got a tidy up, as well as a MR4BC (ebay find).

Then a Frog bought on ebay go the treatment - again with some custom front damper mounts and a few bits.....still can't mask that pink stripe though!

A little mardave got the carbon treatment, shortened chassis and Mini shell; too fast for it's own sake and an ongoing project....

Recently, TL01 found in a job lot of Subaru bits....stripped down, LA parts, carbon shafts, alu dampers, ballraced and new CLK DTM 2002 body as my carpark basher.

In-between saw on of my favourites....a tired F103GT of ebay got the treatment, carbon bits found in Kwong Wah Street in HK and a sweet NSX body shell with a titanium pink(?!) paint job....project inspired by caterhamsi's awsome GT40...

Current project: well it was another 'bay find - this time a Manta Ray.....but it's on it's way to be my first Top Force (Evo?)....just a few more bits to go (spare set of hi-caps anyone!?)

The future? Well the crunch has hit so it's gotta be cheap....found some plans for a 1958 Hydro.....balsa's cheaper than carbon!

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