Location:Aberdeen, Scotland
Ebay ID:alaska2002bed

Hi my name is Mark. Got my first Sand Scorcher as a boy around 10 years old - now 51. Got it for Christmas. My brother got a Rough Rider. The cars were very well used! but eventually gave up the ghost when the hump battery faded. The cars sat in my parents house collecting dust for another 25 years or so before I collected mine, cleaned it up, repaired broken parts, put on a few hop ups and eventually built another one (Rough Rider this time to make the set). Was also lucky enough as a boy to get an original Flakpanzer Gepard RC tank which again now sits on my desk - still works. Now have 2 boys of my own (7&10 years old - one already has a Sand Viper, RR Buggy Champ an the youngest has a RR Sand Scorcher. Have been reading the Tamiyaclub forums for several years now and found them really useful and a small relief that I'm not the only chap with great nostalgic memories and obsession of these great cars.