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Ihave been into rc since 1983 when I got my first Frog. Since then it has gotten better and crazier. I mainly collect the 3 speed trucks and love restoring them. I have raced buggy's and Monster trucks over the past 18 years. Tamiya cars have been my favorite and are exciting to build like it was my first all over again. I have sold quite a few over the years, I can't keep them all. Hope you all enjoy what I have to share here. 12-09
It's December of 2009, and I have decided to finally finish a few projects. I fly RC airplanes, electric and Giant Scale Gas. I love the planes. Since it's snowy and cold I decided to finish up my Fast Attack project and finally paint my Knight Hauler, Ford Hi-Lift, and my Hilux Runner. Also have a bruiser body and Mounty body to do. You know, alot of projects put on the back burner. My airplanes get alot of attention. I love doing 3D if you know what that is. I'm pretty excited to get back in to the groove of things and get all these guys done. Be watching for the added models and updates.

Well, I never did get any of the projects done. The RC airplanes consumed most of my time. Hoping to get to my cars and trucks now. The family takes up alot of my time too. The planes are in for the winter for now since it's cold out. I've been missing working on the Tamiya stuff and finishing the project's.
I have a few new ones that will need to be built. Let's get on it!

Back at since 2021. Starting to get alot down and have tons of RC cars and trucks now.

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