Location:New Zealand

Received a NIB Tamiya Falcon for Xmas '88 after owning several toy grade cars. In 1991 I sold the Falcon and saved the remainder to get a Monster Beetle, it was a lot of Lawn mowing back then. Studies took over for a few years but later bought a Blitzer Beetle and Corolla WRC in 1998. Lost interest again and were sold. In 2004 I discovered Tamiyaclub and quickly amassed a dozen cars but then feeling guilty about spending money on so called toys I sold nearly all of them. From early 2006 I started collecting again seriously but this time I can justify it and I keep nearly all the cars I can find! I have at last count 87 cars with somewhere around 65 of the first 100.

At the beginning of 2008 my partner Kelly and I joined the Hawke's Bay RC Car club, (had been down many years and re-established in 2005) We've been enjoying racing some modern vehicles intermittently and had a little success...

I worked for Weta Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand from early 2004 - 2010 as a professional model and prop technician. I'm due to return to Weta soon to work on The Hobbit. I love restoring the old cars and like to think I finish them to a high standard and install radio gear in all of them. For the last couple of years I have been developing reproduction parts and accessories to get a little more realism from the models.

My Goal is to collect the 1st 100 Tamiya cars in new built or restored form.

In September '09 I travelled around the United States for 7 weeks and met, Wyoming, Moondoggie, Crash Cramer, Victorious Secret and HighFlyer. For the second half of 2010 and early 2011 I have been living in Melbourne Australia and have met: Bullfrog, Glen'in'Oz, Kiasukid, Mr duke, Mr Retreader, and WillyChang. I intend to visit many more international Tamiyaclub members.

My New Zealand Posse of NZ members I have met include: Axxl1, Bluefoot, Type49rs, M0torhed, Scorpn, Pom144, Renco5012, Kalsh, still a couple more to go!

I have enjoyed trading with _miga_, 2qwik, 3ClipZ, 3minits, 77grasshopper, AdHawkes, Aniamundi, Antennaz, Archway66, Axxl1, Backtomyroots, Badgerboy, Bakaguyjean, beetlebuster, BellysGonnaGetcha! Berman, bfst24, Biggus Ditchus, Bimmerfan8, Bluefoot, Boogyloop, Bormac, Breakbassbleeps, BruiserBuilder, Buggy Muncher, Bullfrog, Captain Splat, Carlos Vandango, Carrera, Challenger RT, Cinnamon, Corona Powered, Corpse-Thrower, D-Spec, Daividal, Dante77, DeeMiller, Delux, Dimblum, Dunkman, EGRESSor, fabrimtb, Faisal, Fantuzzi, Finman, Frank Lux, Fristajlo, Fritjof, Funracer, GingerSpice, Gordb, Grasshopperin87, Hardb8, HCP22, HI-LUX, Hilux MR, Hitch, homerboi, Igottamiya, j-man, JackNed, Jedi Master, Jim the Wookie, Joe cool, Jorg G, Jorisschulte, JR, Kencocat, KevtheRev, Kokuzu, L U K E, Larbut, Leathal Driver, Leevo, LightArmsJXF, longwaistround, mad maz, mark DRC2, Marty, Mccoy, Mcolvalski, Meakz1973, metboy, middxscorcher, mikedealer, Mongoose1983, monster_beetle, mossburger, mosshobby, mothers finest, Mrbiccies, MrFreezeUK, Netsmith, No Member, OCD, old skool, oldsteroli, one thenth, Origineelreclamebord, Pagedm, pagedm_f350, Pakoo, Paulos29, Pedro, PeterPan64, Pom144, Power Bruiser, prplehz, Puffdog, rad22rad, railey72, rc-martin, Road Burner, Rosey, Rperry, Sandman, Sayroll, Schwantz, Scollins, Scoobysport, Shodog, Sibrk, Sideways King, Sladoz, Slimmy, Smoke-Dog, Smooth rider, Snollans, steerfromtherear, Stickerbod, surya.prash17, Swarm, TA-Mark, Tamiya King, Tamiya Tim, tamman77, Tecboy, TeeForce, The Hobby master, Tizer, Tjaard, tmpuser, Tom53, Torhaantje, Toy Maker, Toybaron, Toykid, tramsnod, vecchia, Volksrod, VtgRC Om, Wild Child, Willyman, Wimd1145, Winniez, WW-Nut, Wyoming, Yangtao
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