Location:Herne Bay,Kent,Uk
Ebay ID:pandakrayzee

Back in the late eigthies one of my school friends had a beat up old hornet and I loved it, it was just awesome!!! Although it was something I wanted it was one of those toys I unfortunately never got to have at the time other than some cheapo immitation a few years later from the market!!!!! Anyway a lot of years have passed and now at 35 years of age it was time for a new hobby and the wife was stuck as to what to buy me for my birthday so a tamiya re-re hornet is what I got.
I used it once and now she sits on my shelf she's just too beautiful to use and abuse!
The other tamiya buggy I love is the Grasshopper now this one I am truly addicted to, at present I have 5 hoppers, 1 runner/basher, 1 re-re shelf queen with factory finished body, 2 customised hoppers done by me (also shelf queens) and one restoration job I'm in the middle of with more yet to come when financies allow lol. Thank the lord for ebay to keep the costs down, wife wishes she never bought me the hornet now ha ha!!
Two other cars I have are a beat up clod buster running and the new rising fighter which I know hasn't had rave reviews but when you hop it up to the max and add a fast motor and put wide pin spikes on the front it really is an amazing car for little money.

More to follow, watch this space!!!!